Further Study & Info

Helpful Resources

Below are a range of online resources that can help you stay up to date with latest industry news, strategy and events and opportunities for Canberra visitors. 

  • ACT 2020 Tourism Strategy: Canberra's plans and tactics that contribute to the national Tourism Australia 2020 Strategy. 
  • ACT Social Media Playbook: Practical advice and tips for leveraging social media as a marketing tool in your business. 
  • ACT Visitor Guide 2015:The latest guide on what to see and do in Canberra. 
  • Visit Canberra Website: Online guide that provides visitors with real time access to the latest events, activities, accommodation and dining experieinces for Canberrra and the region. Visitors can filter their options by dates and experience to make it easy to find what they want. 
  • Tourism Australia 2020 Strategy: The national strategy to grow the economic value of tourism across Australia.

Training and Qualification Opportunities Post Course

All participants who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion. You can use this certificate as evidence towards obtaining two units of competency from our partner registered training organisation - Wise Education Group. The two units of competency that CBR Service Champions has been aligned to are:  SITXCCS303 Provide service to customers and SITXCCS401 Enhance the customer service experience.

Why get a Statement of Attainment?

The time you've spent completing the course plus some additional offline activities can contribute to getting a Statement of Attainment. This Statement is nationally recognised and gives you credit of two units to a range of certificates and diplomas in hospitality, travel and tourism including:

  • Certificate III in Tourism
  • Certificate III in Travel
  • Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism
  • Diploma of Travel and Tourism
  • Certificate II in Hospitality
  • Certificate IV in Hospitality
  • Diploma of Hospitality

This is a great opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge in these areas particularly if you are interested in a career in hospitality, travel or tourism. 

How much will it cost?

As there is work required for Wise Education Group to assess your competence a fee of $150 is required for a Statement of Attainment and will be payable directly to Wise Education Group if you choose to proceed.

How much extra work is required?

A lot of the hard work has been done by you completing the CBR Service Champions but there is some additional work and collection of evidence offline that will be required for to show you can demonstrate the skills and knowledge in units SITXCCS303 Provide service to customers and SITXCCS401 Enhance the customer service experience. Every participant will be different but we estimate that most people would complete the additional work in 3-4 hours and will need to coordinate feedback from their manager/supervisor as third party evidence. Wise Education Group will provide all the details of assignments and checklists to make it easy for you to collect evidence from your manager at the time of registering with them. 

Ok so I'm keen to get a Statement of Attainment - how do I get started? 

If you have completed the course, firstly download your Certificate of Completion and then head to the Wise Education registration page at https://wise.edu.au/enquiries/cbr/.